Educational resources

The Provincial Council of Palencia provides the didactic workbooks of La Olmeda for getting a better knowledge of the Roman world and going into detail about the archaeological site before, during and after the visit. It is an educational project for Elementary and Secondary schools that aims to be a teaching aid instrument, a complement for the teacher and a way for students to become involved in their learning. The CFIE of Palencia (Training and Educational Innovation Centre), that belongs to the Regional Ministry of Education of Junta de Castilla y León, collaborated with the project and the adaptation of their contents.

There are three didactic workbooks of eight pages designed and adapted to the different levels of the Elementary and Secondary schools, according to the European Union regulation. Although some of them have been printed, the aim is to encourage the educational centres for downloading them on the in order to prepare the visit in an organized and arranged way.

The didactic workbooks, their style of worksheets, their contents and context are the product of three years of researching and preparation by the technical teams of the Culture Service and La Olmeda, always supervised by the archaeologist-in-chief, José Antonio Abásolo. During this time, they have observed and valued the needs of many schools groups that have come to La Olmeda in order to lay the foundations of this work, conceived as a complement to the teachers’ lessons and the pupils’ comprehension of an essential part of the History.

The didactic guides of La Olmeda are in charge of adapting the visit to each educational level. The Didactic Workbooks are just an optional and supplementary teaching aid.

Material Didáctico Primaria


Material Didáctico Secundaria


Material Didáctico Bachillerato