La Olmeda Museum

Early 70´s-1984: Javier Cortes prepared in his own house two exhibition rooms to show the legacy of the first archaeological campaigns.

1984: La Olmeda Roman Villa Museum was opened at San Pedro´s church in Saldaña. That´s why the church was first restored and then set up to exhibit the most significant objects of the excavation.

1984-2017: In the museum there are more than 400 items found during the excavations of the Roman Villa La Olmeda. These objects were collected in the mansion or pars urbana as well as in the working areas, stables and store rooms known as pars rustica. In addition to that, the most relevant archaeological material of the necropolis or burial places was shown to the visitors. For this reason, the public in general can understand how the roman population could have lived in La Olmeda taking into account several aspects of the cultural world of the villa such as religious beliefs, everyday life and costumes including burial habits.

February 2017: The museum was moved to La Casona (in front of San Pedro´s Church) as a result of the works to turn the church into a modern museum. Until the works are completed a total of 148 diverse objects are exhibited. Among them mosaic fragments, ceramic ware, work tools, hunting weapons, glass containers, leisure objects, as well as samples of the important collection of coins of the Lower Empire will allow visitors to get an idea of how they lived in La Olmeda and the culture of that time, an essential complement of the visit to the nearby roman villa.

July 4, 2018: The new Museum of La Olmeda is inaugurated, with more than 300 pieces exhibited, models and audiovisuals.