Visitor Services

Visitor Services


The following is not allowed

  • Taking photographs or videos with tripod/flash or filming the documentaries or other interactive machines under any circumstance.
  • Carrying bags, backpacks or large parcels. You can store them in the cloakroom. 
  • Carrying umbrellas or sharp or piercing items.  You must store them in the cloakroom
  • Bringing pets into the site, except guide or assistance dogs with their credentials.
  • Smoking 
  • Eating and drinking inside the archaeological site, except in the Snack Bar area.
  • Using baby backpacks or carriers. These must be changed for the baby strollers available at the reception desk.


  • Before the visit, you can get some information on this website.
  • Please, keep your admission ticket with you at all times in case you are asked for it during the visit and for accessing to La Olmeda Monographic Museum in Saldaña. The ticket will be valid for visiting the Museum on the same day of the purchase or in the day after.
  • For your own benefit and that of other visitors do not use your mobile phone and speak quietly to contribute to the atmosphere of tranquillity.
  • If you come with children, they must be always accompanied by an appropriate adult at all times.
Visitor services VRO


Private parking provided with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

  • Cars.
  • Vehicles transporting visitors with mobility impairments.
  • Parking spaces for buses and caravans at the entrance of the parking area.


The whole area is provided with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).

Free cloakroom.

  • For security reasons, you must deposit here all objects considered dangerous due to size or shape. 
  • VRO is not responsible for damages done to fragile objects inside bags and suitcases left in the cloakroom.  

Baby strollers and wheelchairs are available for free at the reception desk.

Networks: free Wireless Internet Access Point throughout the whole area. Password is available at the reception desk.

Languages for guided tours: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian (booking in advance).


  • VRO has adapted ramps, walkways and restrooms adapted for visitors with mobility impairments.
  • VRO has free wheelchairs available at the reception desk.
  • Vehicles transporting visitors with mobility impairments can stop in the special places indicated for that purpose in the parking area
  • Braille signage along the itinerary.
  • Guided assistance

The screening of a documentary, of about 8 min., is available in Spanish, English and French in the Auditorium. The whole site has information in all three languages.


  • Baby strollers are available for free at the reception desk.
  • Baby changing facilities in men's and women's restrooms in men’s and women’s restrooms. 

First Aid

  • VRO has a first aid kit available in some areas.
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Shop and bookstore.

Waiting / rest area equipped with tables, chairs and vending machines for water, hot drinks, soft drinks and snacks.

Study room for researchers.

Auditorium and Conference Room: provided with an audiovisual projection system, connection to external media and Internet. It can be hired to hold congresses, conferences, professional meetings, etc., upon request to:

Cultural activities are developed every year from May to December, with a varied program of workshops, historical re-enactments, concerts and conferences. These activities will be announced on our website in due course.

Documentary help for the visit with explanatory brochures and QR codes. Didactic notebooks for primary and secondary schoolchildren.



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