La Olmeda, a point of reference for tourism in the province.

La Olmeda receives almost 40,200 visitors in 2022, 27 percent more than last year.


The archaeological site "Roman Villa La Olmeda" was visited by nearly 40,200 visitors in 2022, which represents an increase of 27 percent compared to 2021, when it welcomed 31,000 people. This cultural and tourist resource of  Diputación de Palencia located in Pedrosa de la Vega has recorded nearly 812,000 visitors since its reopening in 2009.

Taking into account the number of people who got to know this jewel of archeology, 19,900 did so in 754 groups and 1,561 people attended the activities that take place in La Olmeda within the Roman Culture program organized by the Culture Service of the Provincial Institution.

A significant increase in the number of visitors was also recorded by the La Olmeda Museum, located in the town of Saldaña, which in 2022 exceeded 19,500 visitors compared to 14,300 in 2021, representing an increase of 36.2 percent.

On total number of visitors, 16,460 came from the archaeological site itself. Since 2009, 336,174 people have passed through this museum that collects findings from La Olmeda.

The other Roman villa that is also managed by the Cultural Service of the Diputación de Palencia, La Tejada, in Quintanilla de la Cueza, received 3,819 visitors last year, of which more than 900 came from the Roman villa La Olmeda or the Museum of The Olmeda. Since 2013, it has accumulated more than 37,400 visitors.